Celia bought a bag of 121212 goldfish for \$3$3dollar sign, 3.What is the cost of 111 goldfish?

Accepted Solution

Answer:  $0.25Step-by-step explanation:We are given that the cost of 12 goldfish = $3To find the cost of one goldfish we use division operator and divide the cost of 12 gold fishes by 12.Then , the cost of one gold fish =[tex]\$3\div 12[/tex]⇒ Cost of 1 gold fish [tex]=\dfrac{\$3}{12}[/tex]⇒ Cost of 1 gold fish [tex]=\dfrac{\$1}{4}[/tex]   [Divide numerator and denominator by 3.]⇒ Cost of 1 gold fish [tex]=\$0.25[/tex]    [Simplify by dividing 1 by 4]Therefore , the  cost of 1 goldfish = $0.25